Easy Evening Hairstyles to Make Real Style Statement


By Goher Iqbal Punn

Evening and night events go on heavily in our society. Particularly the women cannot afford to miss the same – they would love to make their appearance at the event thrown at evening and night times. Well, to make a big fashion and style statement is what every woman thinks of and loves to do. Thus, to doll up the same, they have to look stunning and central among all. To help them out, we bring the best and super easy evening hairstyles, which are handsomely easy to make and go equally good at night parties as well.

Just remember, evening hairstyles have to be simple yet catchy and they must show as if handsome amount of time has been consumed on the making (internally you know that you just spent a little amount of time on the making). Besides, these hairdos need to look glamorous and not over the top. Here we enlist the easy evening hairstyles for you to create in lesser amount of time. You will certainly love them.

Evening Hairstyles to Make Real Style StatementImage Source

Beautiful and Cute Haircut

Beautiful and Cute Haircut

Image Source

1: City Slicker

This hairdo is the best for the ones having short hair. This hairstyle requires wet look and you guys know that wet look has been quite popular on fashion scene since long time. Now to get this style, you need to mist your tresses with water first and then add a wet shine gel. Comb your hair from you face away.

Long Undercut Haircut

Long Haircut

Short Haircut

Short Haircut

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2: Casual Cool

Casual Cool is simply fabulous and goes well on all face types. No matter what is your hair’s length, just try it out to look really cool and chic. The smoothness of the hair makes your look quite sexy. To get this look, blow dry your hair with a smoothing fluid and then straighten the ends with a flat iron. Now you need to add a bit amount of hair o8il to your ends so as to counteract the frizz and dryness.

Hairstyle Alternative Undercuts

Hairstyle Undercuts

Stefania Ferrario Super Short Hair

Super Short Hair

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3: Part-Y Hardy

This style is a razor side part look and goes pretty well on almost all faces. For evening and night outs, this hairdo is extremely classy. The slicked down strands makes it attention-fetching. It takes not much time of yours rather is ready within few minutes. When you sport this style, try to wear a smoky eye makeup and vibrant lipstick to get a true sexy look.

Undercut Hairstyle for women

Undercut Hairstyle

Lovely Short Hairstyle

Lovely Short Hairstyle

Image Source

4: Shower Power

Among the easy evening hairstyles, Shower Power appears to be another heart-hitting one to wear. Especially for those with medium length hair, this one fits aptly well on them. No matter if you don’t have time to dry your tresses. Leave the hair as it is and just put some gel on them and style your hair as you want.

Short HairCut for 2015

Short Hair Cut for 2016

Trendy Girls Pixie Haircuts

Girls Pixie Haircuts

Image Source

5: Braidy Bunch

If you make a braid or two, the style will add true flavors to your statement and personality. If you have straight hair, then that’s fine. If not, just make them straight with a straightener and then comb the strands into a deep side part. Later braid one plait for wrapping around to the back of your head.

Well, any of the above easy evening hairstyles will make your event sparkling. All depends on you which one you choose for you.


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