6 Easy Tips to Air Dry Hair

Air drying the hair though seems easy apparently, but it is not in actual, since it is a science if you carefully look at it and think over it. If you want to properly air dry your hair, it requires more than just a quick shower. Go through our six easy tips to air dry hair.

pick up right conditioner

1. Pick up the Right Conditioner

Very good hairstyles requires a good shower and for better results for air drying, proper conditioning is the basic tip to get beautifully air-dried tresses. Get a good conditioner and very skillfully condition your hair to achieve better air dry results.

towel dry gently

2. Towel Dry Hair Gently

You will need to remove the moisture from your locks as much as you can. The right and the brilliant way is to do it by squeezing your tresses using a soft towel or you may even use a t-shirt to absorb the moisture. Don’t try to run your locks with a towel at all, as this can result in roughing up the cuticle and will make your tresses frizzy. Thus, no need to wrap your tresses up in a towel after the hair wash.

comb through

3. Comb Through

By the time you have succeeded in removing the excess moisture, you need to use a wider tooth comb in order to softly detangle and generate a part. If your tresses need to tangle with ease, you should then use light conditioning spray or detangler on hair ends. Once you have set your part, you cannot then change it at all till the time your tresses get dry.

pick up your product

4. Pick Up Your Product

Prior to zeroing in your product, you need to decide what type of look you want to get? If you like a smoother finish, then you need to apply a serum or cream on your hair. This way, your hair will become softer and touchable.  If you want a textured look, it is recommended to use a salt spray. By the time, you have towel dried your hair and combed them, you should then spray around ten pumps of a texturizing spray all over the tresses. Avoid using the products like mousse or gel, which can make your tresses crunchy or stiff.

comb again

5. Comb Again or Scrunch

If you really want smoother hair, you will have to comb through your tresses again in order to distribute the serum or cream, you have applied. This will surely create a very sleek look that will be liked by you and others as well. If you like texture, then you need not to comb through again rather you should scrunch your tresses to increase body.

pick up finishing product

6. Pick Up Finishing Product

By the time your hair gets dry, you may then add lift to your roots by using dry shampoo. Now let the hair settle for fewer seconds and then start massaging the product on, but do focus on the roots. If there are flyways on your tresses or you want smoother hair, you may then reapply a bit more serum to your ends. If you like extra texture, you should then sprinkle the dry shampoo till the ends or you may use a texture spray instead.