Beauty Tips to Look Drop Dead Gorgeous

Beauty Tips to Look Drop Dead Gorgeous

Women of this day and Age have become Beauty Tips addicts. The massive use of the amenity that we call the Internet and the heavy use of social networking sites have provided them with all the essential tips and hacks to beautify themselves and be on top of the beauty game. If you are a fashionista and a beauty freak, you essentially need the Internet to stay updated with the latest trends in makeup, beauty, clothing, footwear, and so on. You name it, and the Internet is there to update you on it. And this is exactly why we have a steady subscription to Internet deals in every household. Consider subscribing to Spectrum Plans for smooth browsing of your essential beauty tips.

When it comes to the ideas and notions about being beautiful and gorgeous, most people think of heaps of makeup products, being applied with perfect techniques. But no! Beautiful doesn’t mean putting tons of makeup on. There are simple beauty hacks and tips that can make you look flawlessly beautiful and look your best. In this blog post, we are going to jot down some very simple Beauty Tips that you can add to your beauty regimen and look flawless. Let’s see how you can make a difference.

·        Ditch the Foundation

Ditch the FoundationIf you are in a love relationship with makeup, you might be a little disappointed to read our very first tip. But we are going to enlighten you about the significance of this very tip. All sorts of skin types (even the smoothest, most flawless ones) have some uneven patches, pesky breakouts, and so on. Skip the foundation and own and honor your actual skin color. Foundation makes skin prone to oiliness, acne and similar conditions. By clogging the pores (for a long time) it further worsens the condition of your zits. So, go natural and let your skin breathe. It will thank you for it.

·        Contouring and Highlighting Beauty TipsContouring and Highlighting

We are all up for natural but we have readers that are makeup addicts and we would love to cater for their dose of Beauty Tips too. Contouring is an amazing makeup technique to essentially enhance and refine your features. And the best part is that you don’t need to be a pro. All you need is practice, as to where the contouring is paired with highlighting to boost your cheekbones, and make your nose and face slimmer. Thanks to the Beauty Tips bloggers and makeups artists from around the world that have provided all those helpful tutorials on social media forums. You can simply watch them and practice your contouring skills. Perfect your skill of applying a diagonal line of shimmer/highlighter on the apples of your cheeks, the tip of the nose, just above lips, and so on. Using the right brushes and blending thoroughly is the key to create a perfect and even look.

·        Do not ignore your Brows

ignore your Brows

Do not ignore your brows but also, do not overdo them. Keep them natural and stop using too much pencil, brow powder, or whatever you use to make them more prominent and feathery. Our eyebrows are lighter in shade than our other hair and darkening them so much essentially give an unnatural look. If you are using your eye pencil to do your brows, again, it is way darker for the brows. Try doing your brows with a neutral and lighter shade.

·        Long Lashes Please

Long Lashes Please

Long lashes are perhaps the most sensual feature. Use an eyelash curler to curl up your lashes and for extra volume, try using a mascara with a base coat and then the black coat. Even if you are a not a big fan of makeup, long and voluminous lashes enhance your overall look and make you look gorgeous.

Pick a nice mascara to create these dramatic eyes.

·        Red is Evergreen

Beauty Tips

You can never go wrong with a red lip color. And the interesting thing is that it has always been in vogue. You can experiment all different shades of red such as orange-reds, blue-reds, intense crimson, blood red, and so on. Choose the ones that suit you the best and wear them according to the day and night occasions. Red lips essentially enhance your overall look and make you look gorgeous and glamorous effortlessly.

·        White Teeth are the Key to a Perfect Smile

Perfect Smile

We all love beautiful smiles and they catch our attention instantly. White teeth are a key to have a flawless smile. Use whitening formulae to improve the color of your teeth and flaunt that smile often to look gorgeous!

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Awais Irshad