Cute Looking Bob Haircuts of 2015

Cute Looking Bob Haircuts of 2015

One thing is sure that bob is the kind of hairdo, which never ever goes out of date and stays intact in every coming fashion. In short, it has been on its way since long time back and still goes chic and classy on all faces with every look, you sport. Here in this post, you would find the best bob haircuts 2015, which will glamor up your style and generate a stunning style statement. No matter if your hair are curly, starlight, fine or thick hair, these bob styles will work absolutely fine with you.

platinum bob

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Platinum Bob Hairstyle

This is truly a chic one and looks aptly gorgeous. Its perfection makes it worthwhile. The subtle texture of this hairdo with few layers plus bangs makes the face attention-fetching. Bangs frame the face brilliantly. This hairstyle is equally good for all faces. For the ones with long forehead, bangs play perfect for the classy look.

Ways to Style:

You first need to smooth and de-frizz the hair with any of product you like to use. Apply those to wet your tresses and comb them.

Now you need to use a comb to part the hair to the side. Slick your tresses down and your bangs forward.

Take a paddle brush to blow dry hair.

By the time your hair gets fully dry, use the flat iron to smoothen the hair.


By beveling the flat iron under a bit by the time you reach hair ends, it will get a flipped in look.

layered bob locks

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Layered Bob Locks Hairstyle

This sophisticated looking bob is quite in these days and females are crazy for it. This hairdo is cut right at chin length carrying medium length layers cut to add volume and shape. The long bangs are used to frame your face.  Women with round faces may sport this hairdo with gusto. If you have medium or thick hair, this hairstyle can be made with perfection then.  If you are endowed with straight hair, this hairstyle can work big time.

Ways to Style:

You need to start with cleaning of your hair. Dry them and then run a bit of heat protecting product through the strands.

By using the comb, you should then create part left or right of the center.

Go for flat ironing the hair in sections till your tresses get fully smooth.

Using a light hairspray or even you may use texture spray, you can tousle your hair and flaunt your layers.


For frizzy hair, remember you need to consume a bit of extra time on blowout to smoothen the strands as they get dry.

sweet texture bob

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Sweet Texture Bob Hairstyle

Among the best bob haircuts 2015, this one too is amazing and awesome from all aspects. Since it looks cute and sassy, it looks perfect on the women with thin or medium hair. Nonetheless, all faces can pull of this look.

Ways to Style:

Using a medium sized round brush, you should blow dry the hair in sections. Now you need to focus fully on top section by pulling your tresses up. Dry the roots of the hair to generate volume.

To get a swept back effect, you need to blow the bangs back.

To finish off the look, just use a light hairspray.


In case your hair falls flat, you should then tease the crown area a little bit just to add extra volume.

caramel swirl bob

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Caramel Swirl Bob Hairstyle

No doubt this chin length bob hairstyle gives us the feeling of a caramel. In this style, the hair’s layers are kept to less. What makes it stunning are the color and the steeply angled side bangs. No matter what shape your face has, this style rocks with all.

Ways to Style:

Apply any of hair smoothing product on your hair.

Using a paddle brush, blow dry the hair.

Once the hair gets dry, flat iron your tresses and smooth them. Your hair should now be starlight.


Heavy flat ironing is not recommended. Give your tresses a break at least on the weekends, since heavy heating from flat ironing may damage your strands.

Try any of the best bob haircuts 2015 to look stylish and chic and above all to make a classy statement.

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