Pull Off Your Look with Choppy Layered Hairstyles

Pull Off Your Look with Choppy Layered Hairstyles

Where women love sporting various hairstyles, they also like sporting layered hairstyles. Well, what’s the reason behind? It is obvious that they go pretty well with their style statements and make them noticeable wherever they go. Whenever someone glances at you, your hairdo is what is seen first. Thus, you need to style it classically and according to what suits you the best. The brilliance about choppy layered hairstyles is that they look very soft. Here, we present you few of the best ones to make your own style statement.

long choppy layers

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Long Choppy Layers

Remember, long tresses need not to look the same. Thus, you should be prominent by adding some of the texture and playful layering. If you like making a stand out look, then you need to get a right styling and product to do the same.

Ways to Style:

Get a styling product to make your hair wet.

Use a texture spray to sprinkle on your hair.

Using a diffuser attachment, you may dry your hair till they get utterly dry.

Use a wax or texture paste for finishing it off.


Surf sprays would be best since they generate a true textured body look on your hair.

medium textured layers

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Medium Textured Layers

This is also among the best choppy layered hairstyles. You may sport this look to get noticed. This look can be attained with minimum effort by just using heat tools or products.

Ways to Style:

In order to wet your hair, apply styling glaze on your hair.

Using a heat protectant, spritz your tresses.

Now you should blow dry your tresses in neat sections by going back with the use of a medium-sized round brush.

Now you need to section your tresses into two inch sections.

Using a styling hairspray, you need to spray sections. Use a flat iron in order to curl sections away from your face.

Using a shiny serum, you may break up your curls loosely.


To get volume and fullness, you should use a Nectar Sculpting Gel. Women with leaner facial shapes can safely go for this look.

long soft textured layers

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Long Soft Textured Layers

This style is without any doubt a must for all women, who want to look stylish and chic at the same time. This makes you noticeable and adds glitters to your personality. It requires no extra time of you rather gets ready in few minutes’ time. This simple style gives a total different look. It goes best on all face types.

Ways to Style:

Get your hair wet and on your damp tresses, you need to apply styling foam and then comb through.

Take a large round brush and then blow dry your tresses.

Now go for combing your hair in direction of part.

Use a cream wax to finish it.


Using thickening form mousse expands the tresses with lift and it holds well by the time you go adding heat from the blow dryer.

choppy undercut

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Choppy Undercut

Well, if you have short hair, you may have brilliant hairdos on for sure. Short tresses make a good attitude and personality. The Choppy Undercut style gets made with mammoth volume and texture.

Ways to Style:

In order to make your hair wet, you need to apply a styling gel on.

Using a smaller brush, you can blow dry your tresses into shape.

Now flat ironing is required to upward your hair.

For finishing, you can do it with a texture product and by using a medium form spray.


Since short hair often makes your look boyish, you need to avoid it. This can be done by using heavy makeup and accessories.

These choppy layered hairstyles are marvelous and play fine with the ones who want a classy fashion statement.

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