Chic and Cool Short Hairstyles for Summer 2016

Chic and Cool Short Hairstyles for Summer 2016

By Goher Iqbal Punn

Summer has hit the scene with oomph and everyone wants to beat the heat. With summer is on, you must be wondering to change your look and style. The best way to change your look is to go for getting a new avatar altogether. Well, the coolest thing is to grab a new hairdo this summer. Get a funky, stylish and cool look by fetching the ideas of the best short hairstyles for summer 2015 mentioned below.


Asymmetrical Side Sweep Hairstyle

This cut is simply fabulous and makes the face pretty good and attractive. The best about it is that it can be styled many ways.  This edgy cut goes fine with the women with small faces.

Ways to Style:

Apply a styling get on the wet hair.

Smoothly blow dry your hair on the shorter side.

Now on the longer side, you need to blow dry your tresses in an altogether opposite direction towards the shorter side in order to generate volume.

By the time, your hair are dry completely, take a curling iron or rod to shape the front.

Now take the medium strength hairspray to give it a finish.


Take any kind of good quality styling glaze to prep your hair prior to going for blow dry. This will make your tresses soft and shiny.


Smooth Layered Crop Cut Hairstyle

This one too is a catchy hairdo among the best short hairstyles for summer 2015. Go for it, if you like to get noticed and look chic this summer. It looks really soft and the best is that it can be worn in a number of ways. So what are you waiting for….just grab the look.  This hairdo can be a best fit for smoother hair, if you have curly tresses, then have a smoothing treatment first.

Ways to Style:

Take a smoothing cream to apply on the wet hair.

Get a tiny paddle brush to blow dry your tresses with.

Now you need to dry a side part into your hair. Then with the brush, follow the head’s shape. If need be, smooth the hair using a flat iron.

A high shin hairspray would be the best option to finish the style


On the hair with one color, this hairstyle might look flat, thus you need to get help from a stylist to accent this cutest look.

Chic and Cool Short Hairstyles for Summer 2016



Sleek Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

This style aptly goes well with common women and polished professional, as it makes your face attractive and catchy. You turn out to be a stylish diva. So why to wait? Go to fetch it.  This style goes perfectly well on all face types.

Ways to Style:

In order to wet your hair, apply a smoothing cream on them.

Take a paddle brush or you may go with using a large round brush to blow dry hair smoothly.

Now you need to section your hair into horizontal sections.

Flat iron will be fine to smooth your hair.

Now to give it a finish, you need to apply an anti-frizz spay on your tresses.


To get a stunning smoother look, you may use smoothing style prep and glossing straightener.


Undercut-Crop Back

Undercut Crop Hairstyle:

Well, this one is undoubtedly a very popular hair type since it carries variations as top being longer or shorter. It is easy to carry and maintain. It rocks with all kinds of faces and the best of the lot is that it requires minimal timing to style it.

Ways to Style:

You first need to apply the styling dream on the wet hair.

Then take the brush (Denman brush) to blow dry your hair smoothly.

Get any soft textured product to finish the style.


Well, keep in mind – if you like going short, you need to make recurrent visits to salon.

Coif Top

Coif Top Back

Coif Top Hairstyle

If you want to make an instant chic impression this summer, Coif Top hairdo will play brilliant for you. It certainly makes a brawny impression whenever you hit an event. It is without any doubt a cool summer look. Best about it is that it plays well with longer faces – for other face types, consult your stylists first.

Ways to Style:

Take volumizing foam and apply the same on the wet hair.

Get a small round brush and blow dry your tresses back.

To get additional volume, backcomb your hair.

Sprinkle hairspray on your hair while brushing back.

If you need, you may brush hair around your face.


The women with curly and thick hair, they need to smooth out their hair prior to styling them.

Don’t let the summer go boring, make it chic and stylish using the best short hairstyles for summer 2015.