Top 5 Hair Transplant Methods for Men

Top 5 Hair Transplant Methods for Men

Baldness is something increasing in the world rapidly. Most of the people are worried due to baldness and they are looking for the ways to get rid of it. From ancient time, people are searching for the ways but home remedies and other ancient methods are of no use. Thanks to the advancements in science and technology, now we have the procedure of hair transplant that allows us to get our natural hair back. Once you get this procedure, you don’t need to be worried about your hair for the rest of your life. The current post contains top 5 hair transplant methods for men that will work surely for you. To select the best method among them, you need to visit your doctor. He will let you know which method is best for you. Continue reading this content to know more in this regard.

  1. FUT Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transpl

FUT hair transplant is the ancient method of transplanting hair. This surgical method is not appraised nowadays, but still, some of the people prefer it because you can get more hair grafts through this procedure. Back or sides of your scalp is considered as the donor area. A strip is used to get hair grafts from the donor area (back of your head). The grafts are then separated from the strip and implanted on the front area of the scalp. Stitches are applied to the donor area to make it heal properly. However, the procedure leaves a scar on your scalp.

  1. FUE Hair Transplant



FUE Hair TranspAnother method of hair transplant is known as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) in which one-by-one hair grafts are extracted from the donor area and implanted into the recipient area. Usually, back or sides of the scalp is considered as the donor area while the targeted area where you need hair, such as the front of your scalp is known as recipient area. This method allows fine hair implantation. Furthermore, no stitches are required in this method.

  1. Stem Cell FUE

Stem CellAnother procedure that is even better than FUE transplant is known as stem cell FUE hair transplant. This method provides more fine hair grafting. One-by-one hair grafts are extracted through this procedure but it is performed in such a way that you will not get any scar. In addition to it, the procedure is performed in such a nice way that it doesn’t impact your donor area.

  1. ACell Therapy

ACell Thera

ACell therapy is another latest technique that is used to treat the problem. The procedure is not surgical, however, the procedure is approved by FDA and utilized in wound healing. The ACell is used by combining with person’s own stem cells. This method seems effective in making the hair growth possible in both genders.

  1. Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic hair transplant is also in the fame nowadays. A robot has performed the procedure and more precise method is used. However, the presence of a professional hair expert is necessary. He monitors the whole performance and adjusts things where there are requirements. He may provide important instructions to the robot to provide more user-friendly services. However, better results are yielded by the procedure. You don’t need to get any stitches on your scalp. There are less or even no chances of making errors. The accuracy of the procedure is maintained as robots are much more consistent in the work.

All of the above-mentioned procedures of hair transplant are approved by FDA. So, you can go for any of the procedures. Hence, you should discuss your main issue and expected results with your doctor. He will examine you, get your medical history, check your scalp, and let you know the best possible procedure for you. So, schedule an initial consultation is considered as important. You need to be a good candidate for any procedure to avail its outstanding benefits. So, the surgeons will check your scalp and get your medical history to know if you are the best fit for the hair transplant or not. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the assessment now to know if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure or not. It is claimed that you will get best results only when you are a good candidate for the procedure. Good Luck!

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