Tutorial: How to Make Half Up Side Fishtail Braid

Tutorial: How to Make Half Up Side Fishtail Braid

Summer is going on and the heat makes us sweat a lot. To beat the heat, ladies need to wear the hairdos, which can go well in summer making them grab the much fun and coolness from the hairdos they sport. Well, where summer is on the height, there are music festivals too have oozed up, which let you go for more bohemian and carefree hairdos.

Fishtail braid hairstyles are quite in demand these days. This post will let you know as to how to make and master the half up side fishtail-braid. The best about the fishtail braid is that it can be made with medium to long hair. What you need to make this style? Well, you just need to have a couple of bobby pins and some clear elastics.

Tutorial on How to Make or Master the Half Up Side Fishtail Braid

  1. From the head’s either side, you need to start by collecting two sections of hair and then secure them off to the side using clear elastic. When you start gathering the sections of your tresses, you need to pick up a few hair along the way and twist it a little bit.
  2. Well, to be an apt master of generating a fishtail braid hairstyle, next you need to do is to generate your side fishtail braid. The true essence of this braid is to make divisions of the hair into two sections. You now need to pull a tiny piece of your tresses from the outside of Section A and then place it altogether with Section B. Repeat the same procedure on the other side and then keep it to and fro. Just remember that fishtail braids take much long time to be made whereas regular braids take a little time on the making. But making fishtail braids is simple in actual. By the time you have generated the fishtail braid and secured it using elastic, you now need to capture a tiny section of your tresses from underneath the base.
  3. Now you need to wrap that tiny piece of your tresses around the elastic. Mind you, you need to keep wrapping around as many times as it can do. Then take the criss-crossed bobby pins to secure. The wrapping action, which you did just now, will then hide the elastic, providing you with extra soft and romantic feel to the whole hairdo. You are also at liberty to use the bobby pins to put your tresses on one side.

Check out the tutorial pictures as under for exact making of the hairdo.

fishtail braid

fishtail braid - 02 (2)

fishtail braid - 02 (1)

fishtail braid - 04 (2)

fishtail braid - 04 (1)