Lose Your Weight With the 5 Best Diets

Lose Your Weight With the 5 Best Diets

You are what you eat is all that we have heard so far. But there is an abundant reality to it. There are many online shopping websites selling dieting products and medicines but natural healthy diet is all that we aspire as it reflects you inside out giving away a radiant and flawless skin. It tones your body and cuts off all the unnecessary fats, gifting you with an admirable and well-defined body. These are the 6 best diets recommended by nutritionists to lose weight:

Weight Loss Diets

  1. Vegan Diet: Vegan diet was designed by vegetarians who condemned killing animals to satisfy their hunger. Vegan diet refers to consuming all kinds of vegetables and refraining from adding any type of dairy or animal obtained product. But the question remains. Is it effective? Yes! A vegan diet is known for its low-calorie count and fiber-rich nourishment which keeps you full for a longer period. This diet saves you from multiple heart diseases and diabetes. A vegan diet is known to have a low protein count because of removing the element of any kind of animal food from your diet. So, say no to hunger with Vegan diet!
    Vegan Diet
  2. The Atkins Diet: The Atkins diet is famous for its lesser carbohydrate intake with a vision to add more fats to one’s diet. But can low carbs help you lose weight? Hell yes! It gives energy to the body and acts as a fuel cutting off your hunger for a long time. This diet is usually recommended for highly obese and corpulent individuals because it makes you less hungry and energetic. The intake of proteins and fats is added in greater number and carbohydrates are minimized. The Atkins diet helps in eliminating stubborn fat clubbed around the belly or other organs protecting you from blood pressure, blood sugar, and severe heart stroke.
    Atkins Diet
  3. The Paleo Diet: The Paleo diet refers to the consumption of all types of unprocessed foods including agricultural products like seeds, vegetables, nuts, and fruits. It focuses on removing processed food exhibiting dairy products, grains, lentils, and sugar. The idea was to connect the modern diet with the ancestral one as it included the consumption of unprocessed food which led to better health and longer life. Whereas, the modern diet consists of great intake of processed food which is adding a diverse set of health diseases to oneself. The Paleo diet aims to add high proteins in the diet helping in reducing unwanted weight and fat. Paleo Diet
  4. Crash Diet: A crash diet is usually preferred by people aiming to lose a greater weight count in a brief period for any occasion, wedding, gathering or date. The results of a crash diet are immediate and unpredictable since it believed reducing the calorie intake to the maximum. It can leave an adverse effect on one’s health as well but that completely depends on what is being consumed. The calorie count is reduced to 700-800 per day which restricts the access of multiple nutrients, proteins, and carbohydrates which can be a major source of energy for our body. Crash diets are effective for short-term plans but considering a long-term weight reduction plan, this diet may not be successful.Crash Diet
  5. Fruit Diet: As simple as the name suggests, it refers to adding all kinds of fruits to one’s diet. While pursuing a fruit diet, the consumption of all sort of vegetables, dairy products, and animal food is ignored. Fruits like grapefruit, guava, pear, apples, blueberries, watermelons etc. are all rich in vitamins, fiber and contain abundant water content. Its consumption acts as an anti-oxidant and boosts our metabolism rate which eventually helps reduce the unwanted fats. Fruits like mangoes, bananas, figs etc. which contain a greater level of sugar are used as a source of energy for the body.
    Fruit Diet

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