Polo shirts in Pakistan and other countries gained popularity in the later part of the twentieth century. Unlike formal dress shirts, they were not stiff or stuffy and they were not unstructured and casual like cotton tee-shirts. They provided a very suitable cross between formal and informal apparel on account of their material and style. Along with being extremely comfortable and wearable, polo shirts can be conveniently carried by people of different and ages and physical build. Now, thanks to the convenience of online shopping,  you can buypolo shirts online from websites like polo republica. The list below explores five different ways in which you can put to;

1.   Try different color combinations

Polo shirts generally feature solid colored backgrounds with little or minimal print on top. Solid colored polo shirts come in a vast array of colors, ranging from dark blues, browns, and greys to light pink, yellow, or plain white shirts. You can experiment by choosing colors which you are not accustomed to wearing. Likewise, spice up your collection by purchasing shirts which feature stripes, color blocking, or some sort of similar pattern. This will ensure that your outfits do not become repetitive and boring.

2.   Find the perfect pair of bottoms

To put together a decent and appealing outfit, choose your pants or shirts after careful deliberation and thought. Wearing flared or bell bottom jeans or skinny jeans or leggings is definitely not the way to go. Rather, women should opt for wearing straight or bootcut denim jeans. Likewise, men should refrain from wearing skinny or loose fit jeans. Instead, they should go for slim, regular, relaxed fit jeans, or khaki pants. During the spring and summer months, wearing fitted shorts with a half sleeved polo shirt will allow you to pull off a very laid-back and cool look which is also very neat and refined. Quick styling tip: Wear black polos with contrasting khakis or white polo shirts with light blue denim jeans to pull off a look which is timeless, effortless, and extremely stylish.

3.   Layer your shirts wisely

When figuring out what to layer with your polo shirt, steer away from crew cut and v-neck sweaters. The reason being that polo shirts have a very unstructured collar as opposed to conventional dress shirts and wearing crew cut or v-neck sweaters gives a rather unrefined look. Instead, try layering a bomber jacket, harrington jackets and blazers on top of polo shirts for a more elegant, refined, and sophisticated look.

4.   Choose the right accessories

You can take your outfits to the next level by choosing the right accessories. For starters, buy yourself some good quality, sturdy leather belts in solid colors to go with your polo shirts. Wearing patterned belts made of flimsy cloth will make your entire outfit look tacky, so refrain from wearing them with polo shirts. Similarly, wear your well-kept pair of sneakers or loafers with your polo shirts and do not wear your formal dress shoes or your super casual pair of shorts. Lastly, tie together your outfit by wearing a sleek watch. Women can also tinker around with their outfit  by wearing minimalistic jewellery pieces like stud earrings, a simple necklace, or an understated bracelet.

5.   Always keep yourself well groomed

The key to looking good in any outfit lies in how you present and groom yourself. If your clothes are thoroughly cleaned and crisply ironed and if you have taken care to style your hair in a way which is becoming, you will automatically look good. Wear a nicely scented perfume, straighten up your shoulders and back, carry yourself with confidence and conviction, and you will manage to look impressive in any outfit.

From being only worn by athletes in the 19th century, polo shirts have certainly come a long way by contributing immensely to the world of semi-formal apparel. Polo shirts in Pakistan purchased from web pages like Polo Republica can be worn throughout the year, especially because of their ability to absorb moisture while still keeping dry. Polo shirts online can make life more convenient and easy for consumers by saving them from the hassle of shopping in malls along with providing unique and convenient style tips.

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