Glorious Haircuts for Round Faces

Glorious Haircuts for Round Faces

Haircuts for round faces – yes, this is what is going to be presented in this post. Thus, if you are the one with round face, you need to not get worried about at all since the round faces have edge to look great with many hairdos. Remember, round faces carry sweet and youthful appeal. And if you add a heart-hitting haircut to your face, you may then add sparkles and sophistication to your charm and personality. Let’s learn the hairdos, which can go fit with round faces.

mixed length layers

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Mixed Length Layers

This style is all about angling the layers of the hair out the right way and remember, they should not box the face in. This style will surely make the round face look short and classy.  Ask your stylist for loose face framing layers. Mind you, the first layers have to begin a bit past the chin. Now you should add waves by wrapping your hair’s sections around a one-and-a-quarter-inch-barrel curling iron by quilling it away from your face. Using a wire bristle, you need to brush through your curls. Now you may back comb and if you want yoy may tease using the same brush to get shine and volume.

angeled bangs

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Angled Bangs

Angled Bangs is a shaggy, shoulder length hairdo, which looks really flattering on round faces. This among the best haircuts for round faces. In order to avert the bangs from littering (shortening) a rounder face, you need to make adjustment to the width. The hairstylist will snip these bangs above your eyelashes from cheekbone then angling them down at the sides almost around three quarters of an inch. Then you or the stylist can blew the bangs dry using a round brush smoothening them with a flatiron.

volumnious lob

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Voluminous Lob

This is a collarbone gazing hairdo that has really balancing effect. In this hairdo, the fullest part of a round face lands at the cheeks and that is the beauty of this hairdo. The style keeps the weight at the strands’ ends by enhancing the angles along your jawline. With a few softer layers thrown at the bottom truly add thickness. The style carries a stunning retro feel and there is no overstyling at all. Use the hot rollers for setting the hair, then you need to brush through your curls and let them have their own shape. The more imperfect they are, the more modern effect will come out.

tapered pixie

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Tapered Pixie

Well, now on the list of haircuts for round faces is none other than Tapered Pixie that fits aptly well on round faces. Thus, you need to not get worried or frightened to go short if you have round face. The piecey fringe paired with short tapered sides will give a true definition to your round face and you face will start looking catchy and attractive. When you go to your stylist, ask him or her, before he or she picks up the scissors for styling you, ask him or her for softness around your ears. Don’t for more clipping, as it will start looking masculine. In order to shun the stiffness, you should style your hair using fingers. If you use a flatiron or brush, something of an artificial shape will emerge then.

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