5 Makeup Mistakes You Are Making Right Now

5 Makeup Mistakes You Are Making Right Now

The women of the contemporary world are clearly obsessed with makeup. They want to learn every new makeup hack. I personally know a few who have subscriptions to the internet such as Xfinity Basic Cable deals, just to stay updated with the new makeup trends and makeup products. In addition to the beauty websites, internet-based forums such as YouTube and Instagram are saturated with video tutorials of makeup gurus.

The purpose of makeup is to look good instead of looking ridiculous. A little difference in technique can make you look a lot better. So, figure out the common makeup errors that you make, from the list that we are going to provide. It’s not necessary that only newbies are prone to mistakes. Even professional makeup artists make errors without realizing them.

Here are the five makeup blunders that you may be committing!

  1. Using Mismatched Foundation


This is perhaps one of the top woes for someone who wears makeup regularly. It becomes even horrifying when your face is two shades paler as compared to your body. Finding a foundation that is a perfect match to your skin is a recurring challenge for all the women who love makeup. Never buy a foundation without testing it. Go to a store that offers testers, take your time and test it before you make a purchase. Take a few drops and blend them on your wrist to see if it matches.

Consider getting a different foundation in summer and winter. The skin goes darker in summers and paler in winter. Therefore, using the same foundation for the two seasons won’t be right.

  1. Forgetting Your Neck

Know that your neck is exactly as susceptible to pigmentation and wrinkles as your face. The thin skin of your neck needs as much care as the delicate visage, but most of us tend to ignore the neck. While applying moisturizers and serums, we tend to forget it and just keep massaging and patting the face. The body part that is going to betray your age more than any other part is the neck. So, start taking care of it.

When it comes to applying foundation, many tend to forget the neck. Your foundation shouldn’t stop at your face. Blend and blend it perfectly through the face to the neck until there are no lines and there is no cakey look.

  1. Clumped Lashes

There is no second opinion that clumped lashes don’t look good. If you look at the mascara commercials, you will never see clumpy lashes. It happens when you go on applying too many coats of your mascara. Do not apply more than two coats. Don’t test the strength of your lashes. If you have thin lashes, use a mild mascara that helps you build up your lashes. If you have a habit of putting too many coats, use a spiral brush and swirl against your lashes to separate them. Don’t use a mascara which is more than 3 months old. You don’t want to contract eye infections so just bin it.

  1. Over-Filled Brows

Back in the 90s and 2000s, no one wanted hairy caterpillars over the eyes. Yikes! But now we dig full eyebrows. Cara Delevingne is the ideal when it comes to the true definition of full, bushy and perfectly shaped brows. People are trying techniques like micro blading to achieve full brows. But the easiest and most handy way is to use makeup to fill your brows. You need to fill your brows in a subtle way and not to make them look too artificial. Don’t use the same amount of liner or brow powder all over to achieve thick, bold brows. Try focusing the intensity in the arch of your brows and let it fade out at the ends. Use a mascara wand to brush them in the right direction.

  1. Applying Concealer before Applying Foundation

    Another basic error. Trying to conceal the spots before applying foundation. Your concealer will get swiped away when you apply the foundation and blend it. First, apply the base and see how much coverage has it provided. Then only apply concealer on the spots that are still there.

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