Difference Between FUE and FUT Hair Transplant

Difference Between FUE and FUT Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation: It is a minimum invasive procedure in which hair follicles are taken out from one part of the human body (donor site) and transplanted to a recipient site (bald or balding area) of the head. A graft is a generic term used for hair follicles which have resistance against balding, for example, hairs of the back of the skull are rooted to the hairless. Eyebrows, eyelashes, chest hair, beard hair, and pubic hair can also be restored using this transplantation. Surgeons have been practicing these hair transplants in the United States since last 60 years; however transplanting methods have transformed a lot in modern years. Similar to well build physique and young age, a majority of the people do not take good care of their hairs until they are lost. Hair care is necessary these days because of the ever-changing environment and our ever-changing habits. Due to unbalanced hormones and unbalanced lifestyle, we don’t care about what would happen to ourselves in the near future. But, the fact is that we need to pay proper attention towards it.

The Procedure: Once it’s been determined that hair transplant is to be done after appropriate assessment, the patient is advised relating to all the considerable elements of the process by sketching hairline on the head and designating the recipient areas for the procedure and the patient is requested to undertake a few blood tests before the procedure. Concluding counselling is done with the appropriate drawing of the hairline on the day of the surgical process when the patient reaches the hospital or clinic. Photographs of the area under surgical treatment are taken and, the patient requires signing the consent forms. After this, the patient is given some local anaesthesia in order to make the scalp numb which makes the surgical process relatively painless and as well makes the patient at ease all the way through the process. However, there are so many precautions we need to take care of it. Commonly the hairs are shortened before the surgery. The surgical procedure’s duration depends on the count of the grafts to be transplanted at the recipient area. The patient can take short breaks in between the procedure for using the restroom or for short snacking. But, he should not take any tension or stress while having the procedure at the clinic. In the course of the surgery, the patient can watch TV or listen to relaxing music. Slits in the recipient area are made by the surgeon in such a way that gives a natural appearance and resembles the usual concentration of hair. There are so many people who just don’t care about their hair transplant even after the surgery. This creates a mess on their scalp and sometimes these people don’t get result. But, if the care is taken properly and extensively then this may give permanent results. Paramount care should be taken while creating the recipient sites so as to achieve the natural angular shapes of the rooted hairs.

Broadly Speaking, There are Two Main Methods of Hair Transplant:hair transplant

  1. FUE Method (follicular unit extraction)
  2. FUT Method (follicular unit transplant)

FUE Method of Hair Transplantation: In this method, hair follicles are taken out from the marked donor area of the patient’s scalp. Grafts from other body areas such as upper chest, beard, and upper back (which have the majority of genetically baldness resistant hairs) can also be utilized during hair transplantation, in other words, body to scalp hair transplant can also be done using this technique.

FUT Method of Hair Transplantation: This technique requires taking out the strip of hair from the sides or back of the scalp and dissect the strip under magnification lens into distinctive follicular entities which are subsequently rooted into the marked recipient area of the scalp.

Basic Differences Between FUT and FUE Proceduresfut hair transplant

S. No.FUT TechniqueFUE Technique
1.6-10 inch hair strip extractionHair follicles extraction
2.Hair extraction only from headHair extraction can also be done from other body parts
3.May leave scarsDon’t leave scars
4.More post-operation discomfortMinimal post-operation discomfort


However, the initial stages of both the procedures are different but the procedure becomes same after extraction of hair from the donor area. And, since FUE technique doesn’t leave scars and causes minimal pain post surgery, hence it can be considered as the best method for hair transplantation. Nowadays, there are so many people who are suffering from extreme hair loss and the cure for hair loss has not been easy to find. Thanks to the surgeons who are highly experienced to offer the hair transplant surgery along with various techniques.  There are thousands of clinics in the world who are now giving better professional services of hair transplant.

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