Look Stylish and Gorgeous with Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Look Stylish and Gorgeous with Medium Wavy Hairstyle

By Goher Iqbal Punn

If you are looking for the best medium wavy hairstyles and want to look edgy, chic and sophisticated, then go on reading this post that will help you thoroughly to turn out to be a style diva. A medium wavy hairdo looks natural and above all is easy to make.


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Something about the Style:

The locks are left to fall on the shoulders showing the hair’s natural movement. This casual hairdo looks great when the top gets parted down the middle to frame the round face. Yes, for the round faces, this style goes absolutely fine. As this happens to be a low-fuss style, it is quite easy to style and manage by just going for the regular trims. You just need a tiny amount of product so as to tame fly-away the tresses. Also if you have a square face with high forehead, medium wavy hairdo could suit you the best as well.

Medium Wavy Hairstyle Type:

This hairdo consists of hair category as casual, length as medium and hair elasticity as wavy.

Which Faces Best Suit to This Hairdo?

Well, the women with round, square, oval, triangular and heart shapes can safely and easily go for this style adoption. They can be rest assured of breathtaking results once they have this style on their face.

Hair density has to be thin and medium. Your hair’s texture should be medium and fine. The women within the age group of 20 to 50 can style their faces with medium wavy hairdo. No matter what is your height, you may adopt this style with leaving your fears and doubts behind.

And no matter if you are fat, thin and have large figure, medium wavy style cab best suit you.  Just zero in the one from the best medium wavy hairstyles for your personality.

You may use glasses to add extra flavors to this style and can even go without the glasses on eyes. All depends on you.


It just requires your 10 minutes to style. You need Mousse and smoothing shine for the styling.


If you use smoothing shine, it will add a little amount of gloss to your hair and will lessen the fly-aways.

Ways to Style:

You need to apply Mousse to moisten your hair by using your palm. Then evenly distribute the Mousse along your hair shaft. This step (or the use of Mousse) will add hold and then get you brilliant results.

You now need to part your hair by using a comb. Put your comb on your nose and then take it upwards into your hair to get the apt middle parting.

Now you need a blow dryer. With the help of the same, go for drying your hair by using your fingers. Separate your tresses while this process of drying goes on. The hair roots, mid lengths and then the ends – all have to be dry.

Take a little amount of smoothing shine and put it on your palms of the hands. Now using your fingers, run it through the mid lengths and the ends of your tresses.
Now you are ready to look chic and beautiful with this stylish medium wavy hair do.

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