Classy Looking Best Ponytail Hairstyles


By Goher Iqbal Punn

Ponytails are always in fashion – whatever new fashion statement hits the scene, ponytails have their place in always. Since they are easy to make and style and requires no energetic effort, women are more inclined to do so. As they are always in big demand, here we bring in the Best Ponytail Hairstyles for you to grab. Let’s check out the list below.



Well, from the word go, Giselle is what ponytail that is quite in demand and looks really chic and great on all face types. It is quite airy, very much in style and gives organic look that attracts a lot. On top of the head, Gisselle carries loose braids, which stream into a ponytail of aptly undone volumized waves. For oval face shapes, this style suits the best.

Ways to Style:

On your dry hair, you need to apply a volumizing product.

In order to create the best volume, blow dry your tresses with your fingers and head upside down.

Now you need to wrap sections of your tresses around a giant barrel iron so as to generate texture.

Take a texture product and scrunch it into your tresses for texture.

On the top of your head, now make two loose French braids and then use an elastic band to secure them.

Take all of your hair into your hands and turn them into a high messy ponytail by securing it using a clear elastic band.

Set your hair with a hair spray.


If you use extra body sculpting foam, it will make your hair gravel and volume.



This one is another among the Best Ponytail Hairstyles, which is liked to wear by the women. Heaven is loose and appears to be soft and feminine. It is awesomely heart-hitting.

Ways to Style:

To get this style, run your fingers through your tresses by parting your hair on entirely the opposite side of the natural part.

Gathering your hair loosely into lower side ponytail, you should then secure it with an elastic band.

Now get some of your hair from the ponytail and then wrap them around their base in order to cover the elastic band.

Get a flexible hold finishing spray to make this style a finishing touch.


Not all faces may look better with this ponytail style. So, the faces with oval shapes with hair medium in texture may look stunning with Heaven style.



For those women with wider shaped faces having hair medium in texture and density, this ponytail style goes chic and fine.  Since Kenna style is swept back in a tight shape on the sides, it is worn with an utter sexier volume on the top.

Ways to Style:

You need to have a root lifter, which has to be applied on your dry hair’s roots on top of your head.

Till the time the product gets dry, continue blow drying your hair with your tresses upside down.

Except the hair on your head top, pull all of your tresses into a tighter ponytail.

Then get an elastic band to secure the ponytail.

By using a comb, tease your tresses on your head top.

Using a firm hold spray, you may tease your hair.

Now you need to gather all of your hair into just one ponytail by securing it with an elastic band.

Using a flexible hold spray, you may set your hairdo to give it a finishing touch.


For the Best Hair holding up teasing, extra body finishing spray plays fabulous.



Olivia is superb style, as it looks simply classically awesome and is clean with a chic look. You turn out to be sophisticated sporting it.

Ways to Style:

You need to apply thermal protection to your tresses.

To get a true shine, go applying a serum to your hair.

Make a sleek and clean ponytail by gathering all of your hair and secure it using a clear elastic band.

Give it a wet finishing touch with wet spray.


Use a soft spray, as they are wet ones, which aptly hold down fiyaways and frizz. This style is best for oval faces.

These are really the Best Ponytail Hairstyles, which are always in demand and worn by the women around the world.


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