4 Stunning Bob Haircuts for All Hair and Face Types

4 Stunning Bob Haircuts for All Hair and Face Types

Bob haircuts are always in demand, no matter what season is going on or what fashion is taking place. They have their own pace and place in every fashion scenario and season. Season after season, we happen to see the bob hairdos happening quite handsomely on the fashion scene. Women prefer adopting these hairstyles. The beauty of the bob is that it works fine and big time on every face and hair type. Thick or fine, straight or wavy, this style goes chic and classy all the time.

Let’s check out the 4 best bob haircuts, which simply steal the show.

razored and wavy

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1. Razored and Wavy

Well, the beautiful actress Julianne Hough carries this stunning hairdo with quite gusto. The oomph factor in this hairdo and her personality with this style is quite vivid. The style is quite flattering. The roughed up bob looks amazing. Ask your stylist for gentle razored perimeter and light snips in order to lessen or finish the weight from your face and ears because these are the areas where the hair tends to stick naturally.


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2. Tousled

This hairdo is named after the world renowned supermodel Karlie. Well, Karlie Kloss looks stunningly heart-hitting wearing and sporting this hairdo. You too may look like her provided that you sport the same hairdo. The beauty of this haircut is that it is quite low-maintenance and looks glorious. With this hairstyle, the main layer hovers below the chin. The long layers around your head and the bangs sweep across your forehead. The style is full of bounce. With the women with naturally wavy hair and thick textures, tousled hairstyle works fine and brilliant.


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3. Asymmetrical

This hairstyle is sported by none other than the gorgeous actress Marion Cotillard. She had debuted this look at the SAG Awards, where a reported termed this hairdo as ‘piece of art’. No doubt, it is a piece of art, as it makes you classy by endowing you with a sophisticated classy look. This polished style works best with thick hair. The deep side part provides you with more freedom and softens the strong jawlines.

Long and Lived-In

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4. Long and Lived-In

If you among the ones, who want to opt for a hairdo that works with all hair types and face types, then you should go for the cut Emily Blunt sports. This piecey lob is perfect for you. The key to this hairdo is its strategic layer placement. Since it carries light layering around the perimeter, the style makes you feel airy.

These bob haircuts are simply awesome and will definitely fulfill your requirements. They are classy and sophisticated with a touch of class and chic.