Best Medium Length Hairstyles to Grab

Best Medium Length Hairstyles to Grab

Well, the world’ renowned hairstylists say that shoulder length is always magical and has the flexibility of the longer hair. It happens to be magnificent and works great for making ponytails or buns. The best about it is that it can also do its own thing as well. This post will let you know about the best medium length hairstyles. Just follow and zero in the one, you find pretty for yourself.

waterfall hairstyle

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Ultra Straight

Ultra Straight is sleek, insanely swingy, a one length collarbone gazing hairdo. It’s always glossy and makes you shine handsomely. This one is simply awesomely chic and sophisticates. With the women with round faces, the clean lines turn out to be flattering. With naturally straight hair ladies, ultra straight cut is aptly perfect. If you have curly type hair, you may get this hairdo using a flatiron. When you make it, don’t ever forget the razor straight part and the subtle bend at the ends, which may be achieved by pulling the flatiron in towards your face.


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The coolest thing about this hairdo is its texture that is natural and slightly rough. The texture makes the hairstyle looks effortless.  If you see this hairdo sported by Alexa Chung (in this photograph), you will notice that her sublet layers have been cut from the bottom to generate this shaggy hairdo. And this is where, the piecey ends and the movement come from and above all the hairstyle does not look overdone. The bangs make the hairdo look chic and modern. If you possess an oval-shaped face or round one, you need to ask your stylist for brow-skimming.

allover layers

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Allover Layers

This hairdo is pretty much ideal and perfect for the ones with fine hair and wavy type. It makes it appear fuller. All you need to have a little mousse to get this style. Apply it and then let the hair air-dry. If you have curly hair, then use a diffuser. If you love wearing your hair up, you need to get prepared for mammoth amount of loose pieces, as this style happens to be much layered one.

long loose layers

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Long, Loose Layers

Well, among other best medium length hairstyles, long loose layers hairdo too happens to be awesome especially if you have thick and curly hair types. These disheveled layers frame your face very nicely. Since they are below your chin, they thin it out a little bit. No matter what face type or hair type you have, you may pull this style off supremely. But if you possess round face, then you should first ask your stylist for few layers, else it will turn your face appear wide.  In order to get this style, you need to wrap sections of your tresses randomly around a curling iron and then fasten the ends instantly with a flatiron to get a piecey finish.

These are really the best medium length hairstyles, which will surely work great with you. Just choose the one you think suits you the best and apply.

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