Stunning Hairstyles for Teens to Get Awesome Look in Summer

Stunning Hairstyles for Teens to Get Awesome Look in Summer

Teen are always anxious to keep trying with their looks. They cannot stick to one for long time rather they would love to change their avatars. Since the summer season is going on and all are enjoying and beating the heat, in this season teens surely want to experiment with their looks. You may try some braiding or curling techniques for the fresh change in you or you may even go for fun colors to energize your summer. Well, here we bring you the best teen hairstyles for summer, which you will certainly love.

dutch braided beauty

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Dutch Braided Beauty

While you want to go out on boat or want to sports in summer or even you bump into the hot days, long hair can be problematic. Thus, Dutch Braided Beauty hairdo will play lucrative for you in this manner. Any face or hair type can go for this hairdo.

Ways to Style:

You may start to have this look by dry hair. Use a texture spray throughout to mist the hair. You may use a brush to apply the same as well.

Then go for choosing a part and sweeping the fringe off to the side.

Now you need to gather your tresses to one side and now separate it into three equal parts.

You now have to make a three-strand braid while you hold your tresses up towards your head top.

By the time you land up at the ends, you now need to secure using a clear elastic band.

Now you need to wrap your braid up and over your head top and around the back.

In order to hide the ends, tuck them and then secure the braid using bobby pins.


If you want to give this look a live look, before you go for wrapping the braid around the head, you need to rough it up slightly.

braided up mohawk

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Braided Up Mohawk

Well, another one on the list of teen hairstyles for summer is Braided Up Mohawk. This gives a fun look and the best about it is that it can be worn at beaches and night outs. Check out as to how you can wear it?

Ways to Style:

After you have washed and used conditioner on your hair, you should apply a sea salt spray on your head throughout.

Now you need to crumple your tresses to get waves. Get a diffuser and then blow dry your hair. But remember to set the dryer at low setting.

Now generate a middle section, which would be your Mohawk. Later you need to section the sides into three sections, which would be braided then.

Now beginning with the top side section, the French braid will go back to head’s center. Then go on continuing through all the three sections by securing with clear elastics at the hair ends.

Now move to the bottom back section. You should now gather the hair and lift them off your neck by giving them a little bit of twist. Now you need to secure the section using the bobby pins.

Now you need to lift the top Mohwak section and start combing back till then time you get the desired height. Now secure the look with bobby pins and use a hairspray to give the finishing touch to this look.


If you do not possess wavy hair, then you should use a medium curling wand in order to wind your tresses and at last to get apt ach waves.


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Curls are always in fashion and obviously they make you chic and gorgeous. Whatever you face type is, you can go with the curls. They are always in style and make a classic sophisticated look. It is the best for the summer as well.

Ways to Style:

Go for applying a volumizing mousse prior to blow drying your wet tresses. Make it sure that the mousse has been equally distributed on the hair. You may do so by combing your hair.

Then take a medium round brush and blow dry your tresses.

You have two different ways in hand to generate bouncy curls – curling iron and hot rollers.

By the time you begin using with curling iron or hot rollers, you should begin with the sections underneath. Then you need to secure a two inch section followed by securing the remaining hair up

Now wrap your tresses around the iron or your curler in a way of one towards the face. The next one should be away from the face. By following the same pattern, you need to continue by bringing down tow inch sections. Before you manipulate the curls, you need to let the rollers and the curls go cool.

By the time all the curls have gotten cool, you should then remove the rollers very carefully. Then take shine serum in hands and apply it on.

Go for raking your fingers through the curls to get some volume.


To get extra volume, by the time you loosen up your curls, you may flip the head upside down.