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Easy and Stylish Hairstyles, You Can Make Just in Seconds

Easy and Stylish Hairstyles, You Can Make Just in Seconds

Well, women surely are always in need for easy hairstyles. Time is precious – this is what everyone wants to save and this is what comes into action when it comes to hairdos’ making. Since quite a handsome amount of time is consumed on the making of hairstyles, the hairdos made in a jiffy or within minutes grab attention for sure. Here, we bring in to you the hairstyles, which can literally be churned out in few seconds.  Let’s check them out.

Modern Messy Bun

Modern Messy Bun-01Modern Messy Bun-02Modern Messy Bun-03

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Modern Messy Bun

This style called Modern Messy Bun is surely chic and will make you really polished. Above all, it will hardly take extra time on the making. This off duty ballerina bun is a class in itself.

How to Make It?

Get your hair in hands and pull them into a high pony and then place a headband almost an inch from your hairline. If you find your hair a bit greasy, then just sprinkle a hairspray at the roots.

Then you need to wrap your pony’s length into a bun by twisting it. Then secure it by using an elastic band or bobby pins.

To make volume, you should use a pencil to lift your hair’s section between the headband and bun.

Mega Volume Double PonyMega Volume Double Pony-01Mega Volume Double Pony-02Mega Volume Double Pony-03

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Mega Volume Double Pony

Well, ladies if you want to look stunning and want to save your time, then this style is simply awesome. By getting volume and extra length, your pony will be literally classy in every sense of the word.

How to Make It?

First, you need to pull your tresses above the ears into a half up and half down pony by leaving your tresses under your ears loose. Now go for using a boar bristle brush in order to sweep your hair into a top pony to generate smoother lines and mind you there must not be any bubbles on the sides.

Right under the first one, pull your rest of the hair into a pony.

In order to generate fullness, tease the top ponytail by using comb. By giving it a finishing touch, you can polish your hair by using a smooth and no frizz shine spray.

Twist and PinTwist and Pin-01Twist and Pin-02

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Twist and Pin

Twist and Pin is simply classy and stays well on all face types and the women with all hair types too can enjoy it with gusto. Let’s check out how it is done?

How to Make It?

From one side, you need to section out a small one inch piece of your tresses and then twist it away from the face. Tease the section a little bit, if your hair lay on the fine side. Now twist your tresses by sprinkling a hairspray.

Now secure the section by using the bobby pins. To get an X Shape, you need to place a second pin criss-crossed over the first.

Grown up Half Up Half DownGrown up Half Up Half Down-01Grown up Half Up Half Down-02

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Grown Up Half Up Half Down

On the list of the easy hairstyles, this one too works big time on all faces and all hair types. How you can wear this one? Well, follow the instructions below.

How to Make It

You need to pull hair into half up and half down style by just leaving out the fewer face framing pieces. Now secure it using clear elastic or a hair colored elastic. Now you should get hold on your pony’s bottom part. Then you need to twist your tresses into a loose braid before going to bed.

Now using your finger, you need to generate a bit of hole above the elastic followed by looping the pony through it.

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