Stunning Light Brown Hair Colors for Creating Magical Look

Stunning Light Brown Hair Colors for Creating Magical Look

If you are seeking the best hair color ideas for your tresses, then go on reading this post to zero in the best one for you and your precious hair. Go with the light brown color, which will surely add glitters to your look and make you stand prominent among others. Remember, the color scheme does not have to be too dark or too light rather it has to be right. Go on the post and grab the best tones for this color i.e. light brown.

choco apricot twistImage Source

Choco Apricot Twist

Remember ladies – don’t always go for red or golden to add warmth to your tresses. There is no need at all to do so always. Instead try something else like adding hand painted apricot highlights on your light brown hair base.

In light brown color, medium to lighter skin laced with the warm undertones will play best and look accurate. If you want to lift and darken to this shade of light brown, the hairs should not be much darker or even lighter than this level.


Well, you are aware of the fact that the toners are always used just to neutralize or intensify the tone of the bleached tresses. And they are used normally after bleaching. Besides the toners’ effect lasts till six weeks’ time. By the time, they fade away, you just go to salon and ask the stylist to re tone them again.

shiny caramel fudgeImage Source

Shiny Caramel Fudge

This color is simply awesome and happens to be quite rich in nature with subtle depth. It gives classy look and natural feel.

When you use this color, you have to make sure that it will go best on medium to lighter skin with warm undertones. The hairs, which are medium in texture, will go fine and lift this shade aptly.


If you want more than two shades dark, then you need to visit your stylist to generate and apply the formula in order to repigment your tresses prior to coloring.

blonde roast coffee highlightsImage Source

Blonde Roast Coffee Highlights

The best about this hair color is that it features the dark, cool blonde hand painted highlights on the cooler lighter brown tresses.

Which should be the best hair type and skin tone for this color? Well, lighter to medium skin laced with cool undertones will play brilliant and classy with this hair color. About hair, well, the ones with two shades light or dark than this will darken to this very shade and lift the look with ease.


Now the question is – when you should go for washing your tresses? The answer is that you need to do this by the time your hair gets dirty. Before that, try to stay away from washing. The longer you stay away from the water, the more your hair color will last.

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