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Go Chic with Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair

Go Chic with Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair

Well, if you are looking for cute hairstyles for short hair and you want those hairdos to go chic making you sophisticated and classy, then you don’t have to go to any other place. Just stick to this post and go on with the article, which will endow you with the styles for your shorter tresses to make you smart and dashing. Let’s check them out those looks.

copper cropImage Source

Copper Crop

Remember, if you go with brighter copper tones, they will turn you out to be really elegant and your short hairdo will come up pop with punky elegance. The look will go perfect with the ones with oval, square shaped and round faces.

Ways to Style:

  • In order to wet your hair, you need to apply a lighter texturizer.
  • You can use your finger tips to blow dry your tresses and even you may go for a paddle brush to do the same.
  • In order to separate and define, you may finish with lighter hold pomade.


If you are planning to go out for an evening or night event, you may add a sparkling barrette to make this look stunning.

Pixel PixieImage Source

Pixel Pixie

Well, this one is really chic and stylish from every sense of the word. The hairdo makes you classy and modern going apt with the ongoing digital age. The graphic off-set patterns in the fringe add shines and glitters to your look. How you can style it? Grab the below lines.

Ways to Style:

  • For making the hair wet, you need to apply a lightweight leave in treatment.
  • To get the lower volume style, you can blow dry your tresses using a paddle brush.
  • Now the finish can happen with lighter hold pomade in order to separate and define the face framing details. The look is not for all face types. All face types can experiment the look – no problem at all. But the look fits aptly well to round, square and oval shaped faces. Fine and medium hair textures are suitable for this style.


If you are looking for a finger wave effect, you then need to use a three-barrel iron on the fringe area.

ringlet beautyImage Source

Ringlet Beauty

Next on the list of cute hairstyles for short hair is sweet looking ringlet curls, which happen to be the best way to doll up your short bob hairdo. This style goes fine with the ladies having thick tresses. Oval, round and square shaped faces are best for this look.

Ways to Style:

  • You need to work volumizing foam through your dried tresses and then allow it to set.
  • Now take a small barrel curling iron and you can also go with a clipless wand. Use these tools to wrap your tresses around the iron in a vertical fashion.
  • The curls need not to be disturbed at all. Then allow them to get cool.
  • To get the lighter separation and internal volume, you can run your fingers through your hair’s base.
  • Now use the light hold hairspray to finish the look.


You can use shimmer bug to add glitters or shines to your tresses.

raspberry babeImage Source

Raspberry Babe

This cut is simply cute and looks lovely with stunning raspberry/brunette color melt. You will start saying ‘Wow…! Oval, round and square faces are best suitable for this look. Medium to thick hair are suitable for this hairdo.

Ways to Style:

  • In order to damp your tresses, apply lighter texturizer.
  • You may use a paddle brush for blow drying your hair to get a low volume hairdo.
  • To get chic sleek look, you may use a straightening iron.
  • You can finish the look using a light hold hairspray.


You can backcomb the base to get an extra voluminous retro style.

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