Three Minutes Tutorial to Create Woven Updo Hairstyle

Three Minutes Tutorial to Create Woven Updo Hairstyle

By Goher Iqbal Punn

Woven updo hairstyle is quite in demand. Well, the vivid reason behind this hot trend among the women is quite crystal clear. It looks like handsomely suave, chic and emerges like you have spent plenty of time on creating this look. But in actual, you have not spent any big chunks of time on the making rather you consumed just a little amount of time. In short, it is made in a jiffy. Doesn’t it sound nice? Yes, it does for sure!

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Often you are in a situation when you do not have much time to spare on making your hairdo since you are in a hurry and you’ve to catch an event. In this emergency, you need to make your look stylish as the demand of the hour and the event is. Here, comes the woven updo hairstyle to fill your need. But looking at this style, it appears it will swallow up plenty of your time on the making. But wait…! It won’t, as it will require just three minutes to be made.

The hairdo gives a classy and sophisticated look and ofcourse this is what you want to carry at the event. All you need to get this look are bobby pins and a little amount of hairspray. If you want to create glossier locks, you may then apply a nourishing serum to your tresses prior to staring up.

Tutorial: How Can You Create Woven Updo Hairstyle in Three Minutes?

Follow these simple steps to get this hairstyle that is really pretty, glossy, classy and sophisticated. Get ready to be the central focus of all and sundry out there at the event.

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Step 1:

You need to gather a little amount of your hair from the front of your head. Now very swiftly twist and then push section up slightly just to generate some lift at the top of your head. Get two criss-crossed bobby pins and secure it.

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Step 2:

Twist a small section of your tresses which starts above the ear and ends where the front section stops. Now you need to twist it gently and wrap across the back of your head and secure.

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Step 3:

Next step is to make a repetition of the same procedure on the opposite side of your head. Repeat the whole previous step again. In order to conceal the bobby pins, you need to wrap the second twisted section over the last bobby pin. While securing this section, you have to be sure that the bobby pin you use has to be tucked under the other twisted section of your tresses.

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Step 4:

Now you need to repeat the step 2 and 3 again – well, this time you need to use the sections of tresses from your ears’ behind. Now secure using the bobby pins.

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Step 5:

Last step is creating a bun. Well for this you need to gather the leftover section of your hair. Go for twisting it and wrapping it to generate a simple styled twisted bun. Use the bobby pins to secure it. Women with layered tresses might stumble upon with pieces of sticking out. For them, just tuck them in and then sprinkle the hairspray a little bit on. If you want your style to look aptly perfect and in place, you may then apply a slight coat of hairspray on your care hair care do.

Now you are ready with your classy and sophisticated woven updo hairstyle. Go out and get noticed.

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